A’Shira Nelson, CPA featured in OSCPA Podcast

HW&Co. Senior Accountant, A’Shira Nelson, CPA was featured in the OSCPA’s ‘CPA Takeaways’ this week.

A’Shira joined The State of Business podcast to discuss how she paid off her student loan debt in two years. She also offers advice for others looking to do the same.

“I knew I needed to create some type of budget, in order to see how extra payments could even fit in,” she said. “I was paying about $200 a month, and $200 seemed like a lot at the time. But my budget helped me to realize that I could afford more if I made some little tweaks, like by eliminating things in my budget that I didn’t really even need.”

A’Shira will be sharing her story with local high school students at the OSCPA’s High School Accounting Career Day on November 13th.

A’Shira can be reached at nelson@hwco.com

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