HW&Co. Is a Founding Member of OSCPA’s Ohio Accounting Talent Coalition

HW&Co. announces it’s a proud founding member of The Ohio Society of CPAs’ (OSCPA) Ohio Accounting Talent Coalition, a recently created alliance that aims to advance Ohio’s accounting workforce strategy and resolve the current talent shortage.

The coalition has several goals, including increasing the number of people who:

  • consider a career in accounting
  • study accounting and enter the industry
  • pursue CPA licensure
  • choose to remain in the accounting field

HW&Co. has been able to meet its hiring goals for entry level positions but recognizes that the predicted talent shortage impacts the entire accounting industry, as well as the clients being served.

According to HW&Co. CEO Brandon Miller, “HW&Co has joined the OSCPAs Ohio Accounting Talent Coalition because we understand how valuable trusted business advisors (CPAs) are to our clients and the community and we are committed to implementing strategies to support a vibrant accounting talent pipeline!”

“The Buckeye state is fortunate to have so many forward-thinking leaders who understand the bold action required to reverse the decline in the accounting talent space,” OSCPA President & CEO Scott Wiley, CAE, said. “We have a diverse range of organizations participating in this effort, bringing the kind of collaboration and innovation that is critical to the success of our efforts.”

Ohio plays a huge role in the accounting industry’s workforce, with 100 colleges and universities that offer accounting degree programs, and offices belonging to the nation’s top public accounting firms.