HW&Co. Values

Serving our clients is the reason for the firm’s existence.

The HW&Co. Difference

We recognize and embrace the philosophy that serving our clients is the reason for the firm’s existence. HW&Co.’s team has built our practice based on the following performance standards, which are fully embraced by every member of our firm.

Our Rules of Practice consist of three key components: Client Service, Teamwork, and Community. As a valued client of our firm, you have our team’s commitment that we will continually strive to exceed these standards.

Client Service

Professionalism – We commit to quality, integrity, and professionalism. We strive to be fair in our relationships and conduct business in accordance with our standards for honesty and fairness.

Communication and Responsiveness – We listen and respond to your needs, honor our commitments, and meet deadlines. Our service reflects an appropriate understanding of your business and personal needs.

Technical Competency and Education – We continue to enhance our technical skills and abilities to meet your evolving needs and our profession’s quality standards.

Innovation – We embrace change and technology, looking for ways to assist you in achieving your growth and profitability goals.


Communication – We listen with an open mind, without being overly influenced by our own opinions and judgments and encourage others to do the same. We offer ideas or take positions to help reach our common objectives.

Collaboration – We support one another’s success and operate from the perspective we are all in this together. No individual can win at the expense of another.

Responsibility – We are responsible, hold others accountable, and support one another to fulfill our commitments.

Respect – We acknowledge and appreciate others, displaying respect and dignity for every coworker.


Connect – We strengthen our firm’s commitment, support and recognition by connecting our staff, clients and the community.

Pledge – We promote charitable causes and team-building activities through the donation of time, talent and financial contributions.