What If You Receive a Letter or Notification From the IRS?

IRS Letter or notificationReceiving a letter or notice from the IRS can be disconcerting, but don’t be alarmed. The IRS sends letters to taxpayers for a variety of reasons, including when it has questions about tax returns, is notifying taxpayers about account updates, or is requesting payment. According to the IRS, if you receive a letter or notification from them, you should take these steps:

  • First, read the letter or notification carefully and thoroughly to ensure you understand it. Then, comply with any instructions.
  • Review the content and compare any discrepancies with your records. You may need to contact the IRS for further clarification or to make a payment.
  • Take any actions requested in the letter. This may include making a payment.
  • Only reply to a letter if the IRS requests a response.
  • To dispute any content of a letter, follow the instructions provided.
  • Keep any documents you receive from the IRS, including letters and notices.
  • Beware of scams. The IRS usually makes initial contact via mail. Taxpayers can check whether they have outstanding payments at: https://www.irs.gov/payments/your-online-account

The IRS released Tax Tip 2023-55, which provides more information on addressing communications from the IRS. Contact your HW&Co. advisor with any questions related to the IRS, including about letters or notifications that you have received.