Fraud Lurks: Learn From Others’ Mistakes

HW&Co. principals Stan Olejarski and Tony LaNasa analyze actual fraud cases and give insight on what went wrong and what actual companies could have done to potentially prevent the fraud from occurring.                

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Steps to Receiving an Employee Retention Tax Credit

Some companies and organizations think they won’t qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC). The reality is, however, that many may. HW&Co. principals Jim Horkey and Tony LaNasa provide insight into the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC). They present in-depth analysis of the ERC, help on the application process, and what your next steps […]

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PPP2 & The Employee Retention Tax Credit

What does the Employee Retention Credit mean for you? Have questions about the Employee Retention Credit or the PPP Round 1 and 2 changes? HW&Co. and Ahola dive into both of these topics to analyze, explain, and help you learn just how they affect you. Join Jim Horkey, Principal at HW&Co, and Anne Bahr, Operations […]

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