ECS Solutions - a division of HW&Co.

Revenue Cycle & Billing

ECS Solutions is now a division of HW&Co.

On June 1, 2023 we welcomed ECS Billing and Consulting South, Inc. (dba ECS Solutions) to the HW & Co. family. ECS Solutions brings expertise, passion, and accountability to an already stellar revenue cycle group.

Key Offerings

  • Monthly Billing & Payment Posting
  • Medicaid Eligibility & Applications
  • Asset Search & Evaluation
  • Revenue Cycle Consulting
  • Staff Training & Webinars
  • Software Training & Implementation
  • Collections
  • Corporate Integrity Audits & Other Compliance

In any industry, accurate billing and timely collection of receivables is necessary for success. The healthcare industry faces additional challenges due to the fact that the receivables are concentrated among relatively few payers, and many of these payers are funded by government. Changes in both funding sources and rules for billing the claims can occur rapidly, and it’s difficult for billing staff to balance daily workloads and keep up with these changes.

We handle billing services for the short-term in a crisis staffing situation, or in the long-term, by providing claims submission services on an ongoing monthly basis for clients who choose to outsource that function. We can also provide training to existing staff and “best practice” guidance.

Accounts receivable management is an important function. In long-term care, the industry standard is 45 days for collection of accounts receivables. If your aged accounts receivable and AR turnover ratio is growing, this may be a good time for an accounts receivable analysis and cleanup project.

An HW Healthcare Advisor with years of experience in Medicare, Medicaid, managed care and insurance billing and collections is available to consult with you.