Reimbursement Consulting

Professionals reviewing transaction advisory data

HW Healthcare Advisors have a complete understanding of the reimbursement systems affecting the healthcare industry.  We offer the following reimbursement consulting services:

  • Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM)
  • Certificate of Need Applications
  • Financial Modeling and Benchmarking
  • HUD Financing and Capital Projects
  • Non-extensive Renovation
  • Audits and Settlements for Medicaid and Medicare

We are knowledgeable about Medicaid and Medicare, and consult regularly on managed care contracts. We can also provide financial modeling with the nuances applicable to your industry. Examples of our experience include Certificate of Need applications, HUD financing consulting, proactive budgeting assistance, downsizing and conversion consulting.

When our clients talk about cost management challenges, we listen. We understand that due to ceilings, rollbacks, sequestration, state budgets, and reimbursement formula limitations, you can only do so much to increase average rates earned. Therefore, despite challenges, managing costs and benchmarking are critical to success.

We will create custom analyses to help you evaluate options. Additionally, for SNFs, home health agencies, and ICF-IIDs, we provide custom benchmarking reports on an annual basis so you may compare yourself to your peers for census, costs, and staffing data.

The Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement systems will continue to change. Our commitment to understanding these programs and providing valuable reimbursement consulting to you will not.
We handle billing services for the short-term in a crisis staffing situation, or in the long-term, by providing claims submission services on an ongoing