Nonprofit Audit Services

As a result of the significant number of nonprofit clients we serve, our professionals are familiar with the technical and specific terminology, operational issues, and tax planning strategies that impact nonprofits, as well as accounting and audit intricacies that can arise due to specialized needs associated with these types of organizations. We perform audit services according to Government Auditing Standards (GAS), and in compliance with state and county standards.HW&Co. offers a variety of nonprofit audit and related services, including:

Nonprofit Dedication

We have a passion for serving nonprofit organizations that make a difference in our communities. In addition to their professional work, many of our HW&Co. employees volunteer at nonprofit organizations throughout Ohio, including as board and committee members. Consequently, we recognize that nonprofits share similar challenges faced by for-profit businesses, but with unique regulatory and operational concerns.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and continuing to partner with you to support your specific organizational goals, as well as enabling you to fulfill your nonprofit mission and facilitate community involvement.