How to Choose the Right Accountant for your Business – Key Qualifications to Consider

1. Certifications

Look for a certified public accountant (CPA). CPAs must meet exam and experience requirements for certification and take continuing education to stay certified.

2. Industry Expertise

Look for some type of expertise in your industry — or a similar industry.

3.  Size

The variety of accounting firms can be overwhelming. Think about the size of the accounting firm in relation to the size of your business. A large firm may offer more resources for large projects, while a mid-sized firm may be able to offer more individualized attention. Choose a firm that makes you feel at ease as a business leader.

4. Complexity

Consider what services your business needs now and in the future from an accounting firm. Currently you may only need help with tax preparation and end-of-year financial statements but down the road you may be interested in financial planning advice and business consulting.