The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has just announced a rebate totaling $1.5 billion for private employers and public-taxing districts. If you are an employer who is in good standing…you’re current on all of your payments…you can expect a check equal to about 85% of the prior year’s premium. Click here for a sheet outlining the program.

A government agency returning money? Yes, that’s right. The agency says that due to strong investment income and returns, it’s in a position of financial strength and wants to return funds to those who have paid into the system. The BWC will begin sending rebate checks in early July, with all checks being mailed by early August.

To check to see if you’re eligible to receive a rebate, go to and log into your e-account. You have until June 8, 2018 to pay any lapsed premium and complete any outstanding true-up. Also review your demographic information to ensure that your rebate check is sent to the correct address. Note: if you canceled your coverage prior to June 8, you are not eligible for the rebate.

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