Over the past few years, we’ve had many conversations with our clients about the difficulties in finding and retaining direct care staff in long-term care facilities.  With the recent release of the 2016 Ohio Medicaid nursing facility cost report database, we took a look at statewide average purchased nursing expenses over the past 20 years.  After hitting a high of $4.04 per day under the previous cost-based payment system in 2000, purchased nursing steadily declined, hitting a low of just $0.32 per day in 2011.  As the economy improved from its low point following the 2008 crash, purchased nursing usage began to creep back up, increasing to $0.74 in 2015. 

In 2016, however, purchased nursing expenses spiked, with the statewide average rising a recent high of $1.43 per day, an increase of over 400% in only five years.  An average 100-bed facility paid almost $45,000 in 2016 for purchased nursing, compared to only $9,800 in 2011.  Given these trends, how is your facility dealing with the direct care staffing crisis?

HW&Co. Purchased Nursing Costs Trend in Ohio

In times of uncertainty, understanding your facility’s operations can make all the difference.  HW&Co. can assist you in analyzing your facility’s expenses, hourly rates and staffing hours per day, including comparisons to competitor and peer averages.  Please contact us to discuss how HW&Co. Healthcare Advisors can help you improve your operations.