The following reminder is for all PointClickCare Users:

All claims with dates-of-service on or after October 1, 2015 must be submitted using ICD-10 diagnosis codes. Therefore, all Medicaid and Medicare claims submitted for October must contain these ICD-10 codes. Claims with dates of service prior to October 1, 2015, must continue to be submitted with the appropriate ICD-9 codes.

To facilitate the changeover to ICD-10 in PointClickCare:

• Make sure that you have a new Primary Diagnosis Sheet, dated 10/1/15, on each resident’s A/R Bill Setup tab, in the Diagnosis Sheets section.

• If the resident is receiving therapy, you must have a new Therapy Diagnosis Sheet, dated 10/1/15, for therapy services after 10/1/2015.

• Leave the previous Primary and Therapy Diagnosis Sheets intact, with ICD-9 codes, to be used for claims prior to 10/1/2015.

• The new 10/1/2015 Primary and Therapy Diagnosis Sheets should contain ICD-10 Codes. Claims will be rejected if they do not contain valid ICD-10 codes.

• As a quick check, ICD-10 codes begin with a letter and are up to 7 digits long compared to the ICD-9 codes which were up to 5 numeric digits long, with some V and E codes.

Please contact an HW&Co. Revenue Cycle Consultant if you have further questions related to PointClickCare and ICD-10. To learn more about HW&Co. PointClickCare consulting, click here.