Compass on laptop indicating strategic business goals

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic services are an important part of HW&Co.’s private business advisory offerings. We recognize and respect that business clients value our specialized guidance, and we provide innovative, long-term solutions that directly impact each client’s–and often their family’s–quality of life and future earnings. Given this, we look at your entire financial picture, provide an honest assessment of your current situation, create a plan to build wealth, and regularly revisit this strategy to ensure that you capitalize on opportunities and meet your desired goals.


What We Do

There are a variety of ways in which our private business advisory team can help you achieve your goals and build your business’s worth. Below are several service offerings that we believe strongly impact your business’s success.

Virtual CFO & Controller
Financing Assistance
Business Planning & Advisory
Special Projects
Budgeting & Forecasting

We provide experienced and dedicated virtual CFOs or Controllers that, depending on your needs, can provide a variety of strategic and/or operational services such as:

  • Performing the traditional duties of a CFO while working remotely and/or on a part-time basis (and typically at a fraction of the cost).
  • Overseeing the financial operations of your business.
  • Providing guidance on strategic corporate financial decisions and issues.
  • Delivering back-office functions such as record keeping, monthly closes, reporting, and organizing your books.

Securing a business loan can be an intimidating and stressful endeavor that requires detailed and through financial records and verification. You need to be able to showcase your business and make a valid argument for why the funds are necessary and how they’ll be utilized.

HW&Co.’s experts can walk you through the loan application process and provide valuable insight into the lender’s perspective. We can also help you evaluate and negotiate terms of the loan. Because we partner with banking institutions, you can be confident you’ll receive the best loan available to meet your business needs.

At HW&Co., we can help you build a roadmap to your business’s success that supports your strategic goals by refining your financial and operational processes. Our business planning and advisory services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Evaluating your business process and internal controls
  • Growth planning
  • Data analytics and diagnostics
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) development
  • Cost accounting

Continually changing tax and accounting legislation means that opportunities for businesses are constantly evolving, and it’s important that your advisor is well-educated and  familiar with your specific business needs. Special projects can take many forms, as every business has unique goals, but some of the projects we advise on include:

  • Leadership transitions
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan and forgiveness applications
  • Reporting deliverables for banks, investors, or boards
  • Employee Retention Credit (ERC) qualification
  • Performance metrics measurement and improvement

Your time is valuable. Optimize your company’s business plan while staying informed of what’s ahead.

Let HW&Co. help you streamline your budget and prepare for future expenditures by accounting for both expected and unexpected situations. We use our vast knowledge of current tax regulations and proven techniques to minimize your tax liabilities and forecast market trends ensuring that you’re prepared for new ventures and your business’s growth.

We’ve designed the following budgeting and forecasting services to give you a competitive edge while also planning for any unexpected costs:

  • Detailed budgeting
  • Financial what-if scenario planning
  • Variance analyses
  • Financial forecasting
  • Proforma financial statements
  • Finance options modeling
  • Market research and analysis