Financial Statements & Advisory Services

Are you confident in your financial data? As your business grows and regulations change, it’s important to remain compliant. HW&Co’s financial advisors handle the more complex accounting and compliance tasks, giving you the ability to focus on your clients and develop your products and services.

By taking the time to listen to you, we get to know your business inside and out–its history, present circumstances and potential for growth and improvement. Whether you have broken business processes, cash management challenges, inadequate financial records or lack of properly trained financial staff, we’d like to talk about how we can help you get your business on the right track. Our focus is on making our clients proactive rather than reactive, which results in improved operations and growth, along with better financial health.


What We Do

Our Private Business Advisory team will help you function more efficiently, make better decisions, ensure compliance, and continually improve via customized solutions developed specifically for your business. Using the services outlined below, we can create a solution that meets your needs. Contact us to learn more.

Period Close
Tax & Compliance
Compilations & Reviews
Cash Management

You need accurate reporting on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis in order to correctly measure your business’s financial metrics, interpret the data, recognize where your business currently stands, and make decisions about how to achieve your future goals. HW&Co. offers period-end closing services such as reconciliation of bank accounts, preparation of schedules to support general ledger balances, preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements and maintenance of fixed asset records, among others.

Our professionals are experts at understanding your financial data and helping you make changes as needed to build better financial health. Our period-close services are ideal for businesses who don’t have the bandwidth or expertise in-house, but are committed to reaching their business goals.

Tax implications affect the daily operations of your business. At HW&Co., we are well-versed in the many tax challenges you face, and we pride ourselves on being able to quickly respond to changing tax legislation using our expertise to guide you with proactive advice and strategic solutions.

HW&Co. advisors can ensure that you are able to efficiently address tax compliance with a turn-key service that meets your business’s specific requirements. Our deep knowledge of federal and state regulations, along with our regional and local experience, puts us in a strong position to deal with any compliance concerns that might arise. Our tailored solutions ensure you confidently report taxes in a complex environment, often with differing business goals and stakeholder demands.

At HW&Co., we follow specified procedures to create compilations and reviews that are supported by generally accepted accounting procedures (GAAP). We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business’s financial statements to ensure accuracy and thoroughness.

Because for many business situations, compilations or reviews are more appropriate than audits –and less expensive—we often perform them for business clients who need assurance that their financial statements are sound, but do not require the detail of an audit.

At HW&Co., we know the value of enhancing your utilization of cash. We can help you increase profitability and liquidity by creating streamlined processes for collecting, investing and disbursing cash. By optimizing your business’s cash, you are able to sustain your current operations while also easily mobilizing funds when necessary.

HW&Co.’s advisors can provide a customized solution that reduces overhead and provides a detailed spending plan tailored to meet your business’s needs.