Notice of Funding Opportunity

Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA) Security Grants for Nonprofits (H.B. No. 384)


The  Ohio  EMA   Security  Grants for  Nonprofits program  provides  funding  to  nonprofit organizations for eligible security  improvements that assist the organization in preventing, preparing for,  and responding to acts of terrorism. You can find out more about the grant at:

There are many opportunities for funding which include, but are not limited to, backup power generators, computer disaster recovery systems, email system protection, anti-virus software upgrades and telephone systems. Each eligible nonprofit may apply for up to $100,000 in grant funding.

As part of the grant application process, the nonprofit organization must receive an assessment by a security professional with more than 2 years experience. If your organization has an interest in preparing the grant application, you can contact Jonathan Husni at Acendex to assist in receiving an assessment from a security professional. Acendex’s team can also assist you in getting started with the procurement process.

You can contact Jonathan at 216.650.7991.