The July Five-Star Quality Ratings for nursing facilities (NF) show that 70% of facilities had no change in star ratings. This comes one quarter after major changes to the rating system caused a decrease in stars for 37% of facilities. For a detailed explanation of the changes, please read this article on our website.

The following chart shows the nationwide change in star ratings between quarters. Ohio changes closely parallel the nationwide results.

The distribution of stars in the overall star ratings in July is very similar to April:


Health Inspection Five-Star Rating:

In July, 84% had no change in health inspection ratings compared with half of all facilities seeing rating changes in April.


Staffing Five-Star Rating:

The downgrade to 1 staffing star if 4 days in a quarter without RN (previously 7 days) resulted in 33% losing staffing stars in April compared to only 14% in July. 1,168 facilities nationwide (8%) and 89 facilities in Ohio (9%), were downgraded to one-star in July, compared to 11% nationally and 13% in Ohio in April.


Quality Measure Five-Star Rating:

In July, only 14% of facilities had a decrease in quality stars compared to 48% in April.


Quality Measure five-star ratings are recalculated on a quarterly basis. Sometimes a small change can cause you to gain or lose a quality measure star if you are close to a cut-off point. If you identify these opportunities or risks, you can focus your quality improvement efforts in these areas.

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Paula Z. Reape, CPA, LNHA