The IRS  has millions of individual 2019 tax returns in the processing pipeline. They recently made some changes on their website, regarding the processing of these IRS delays.

  • For refunds that could not be issued in 2020 because the tax return is being corrected, reviewed or awaiting correspondence from a taxpayer
    • The refund will be issued as a paper check in 2021 per the IRS’s normal processes.
    • Taxpayers are encouraged to continue to check IRS’s Where’s My Refund website for their personalized refund status.
  • With respect to taxpayer answers to IRS letters or notices, they state, “While we are opening mail within our normal timeframe, processing these responses is taking longer than usual due to social distancing and resource restrictions.”
  • If you have already sent a check to the IRS
    • There is a backlog of unopened mail. They expect to process checks within 60 days of their arrival.
    • Your payment will be applied on the date they received the check, not the date they process it.
    • To avoid penalties for a late payment, DO NOT cancel or stop payment on the check.

If you have questions regarding your return or the IRS delay, please contact your HW Tax Advisor.

David M. Reape CPA
Director, Tax Services