Person completing HUD audit paperwork

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Audit Services

Local Housing Agencies (HAs) receive grants and other federal aid from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As a result, HAs are required to remain in compliance with stringent HUD policies and regulations, and to undergo audits.

HW&Co.’s licensed and certified HUD auditors have the specialized knowledge and skill necessary to provide expert auditing services for affordable housing projects, Section 8 Housing, multi-family housing, HUD-held mortgages, and more. Our HUD audit services include the following:

  • Audit Services in Compliance with HUD Requirements
  • Cost Certification Audits
  • Financial Statements in Accordance with HUD & REAC Requirements
  • Audit Services for Subsidized USDA Projects
  • Accounting Services & HUD Reporting
  • Closing Assistance
  • Compliance & Financial Audits
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Resolution of Audit & Compliance Findings Assistance
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Audit
  • Form 990 Preparation (NFPs)
  • Annual HUD Audits
  • REAC Submission
  • Cost Certification Audits
  • HUD Consulting
  • HUD Compliance