HW&Co. is pleased to introduce Helen Weeber as the new HW Nonprofit Advisors Group Director. Helen has extensive experience in accounting, auditing and consulting with nonprofit organizations and is also a frequent speaker on topics relating to the Nonprofit and Healthcare Industries. She has been a member of our practice since 1996 and is a graduate of the University of Dayton.

Brandon Miller, our past Director, will advise Helen in her new position as we continue the success we have achieved:

 “It has been a pleasure and an invaluable experience to serve as HW&Co.’s Director of the HW Nonprofit Advisors Group. I have tremendous respect for Helen Weeber and strongly believe that she will continue the momentum we have created over the past 10+ years that I was Director. Helen and I both share the same philosophy, which is that every individual within our HW Nonprofit Advisors Group provide our clients the highest attainable level of service and for HW&Co. to become the professional service provider of choice for the nonprofit industry. This is why I believe Helen is the perfect fit for this position and look forward to our continued success”.

As always, our firm’s commitment to the success of our clients remains one of our core values.