BWC has transitioned to a prospective billing process for private employers.

In the past, employers would file and pay premiums semi annually. Under the revised BWC reporting, employers are now paying estimated premiums for the policy year 2015. Employers were notified by BWC in August 2015 of their estimated premium and had a choice of an annual or periodic payment plan. There was no payroll report due for the period July 1 through December 31, 2015 as there has been in the past.

Additional information is available on the Employer tab at the BWC website at You can set-up an online E-account to make your premium installments, access your Company information, reprint coverage certificates and other employer related information.

The application for coverage for a new employer is also available on this website, Form U-3. There is an initial application fee in the amount of $120 which is then applied forward to your upcoming premiums.

Timeline – This can be found on the website on the “EMPLOYERS” tab. Choose “Dates to member” in the drop down

3/31/16 – Last date to request a change in installment plan for policy year 2015

5/1/16 – Policy year 2016 notice of estimated annual premium to be sent

5/16/16 – Last date employer can change installment plan for policy year 2016

6/1/16 – Policy year 2016 premium invoice to be mailed

6/30/16 – Policy year 2016 first installment due

7/1/16 – BWC to mail true-up notice for policy year 2015

8/15/16 – Policy year 2015 true-up report is due

Policy year 2015 (7/1/15-6/30/16)
Policy year 2016 (7/1/16-6/30/17)