Wealth Management

3 Approaches to Valuing a Businesss

Valuing a private business is a complex endeavor. But, when all is said and done, valuation analyses boil down to three general approaches. 1. Market Approach Under this approach, valuators derive pricing multiples from public or private comparable transactions. These pricing multiples are then applied to the subject company to derive its value. For example, […]

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Taking a Red Pen to Make Financial Adjustments for Valuation Purposes

Financial statements are an important source of data for valuing a business. But they tell only part of the story. An accurate business valuation hinges on a comprehensive understanding of the subject company’s relative performance and its future earnings power. To help clarify matters, experts often make various adjustments to the financials. Here are some […]

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Do Valuation Discounts Apply to Compulsory Shareholder Buyouts?

Valuation discounts for lack of control and marketability are major points of contention when companies or controlling shareholders are required to buy out shareholders who own minority interests. What’s appropriate depends on the facts of the case — and there’s an important distinction between statutory and contractual buyouts. Statutory Buyouts In many jurisdictions, minority shareholders […]

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