Business Advisory

At HW&Co., we stay focused on helping organizations function more efficiently, make better decisions and continually improve.

By taking the time to listen to you, we get to know your business inside and out, its history, present circumstances and potential for growth and improvement. Whether there are processes not working, cash management challenges, inadequacy of financial records and controls, or lack of properly trained financial staff, HW&Co. is the right place to start that conversation. We focus on helping our clients be proactive rather than reactive which results in more efficient operations and growth.

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Business Advisory Services

Having trouble defining strategic financial objectives?

Looking for actionable metrics for management?

Not sure what your financials are telling you?

HW&Co’s team of professionals can provide business advisory services to assist with enhancing company financial strategic objectives and ultimately enhancing company profitability.

HW&Co’s team of professionals can assist with:

  • Multi-Year Trend Analysis
  • Business Plan Review
  • Financial Forecast
  • Financial Projections
  • Analyzing Company Data to Industry Benchmarking
  • Entity Structuring

HW&Co. Business Advisors are experts in analyzing your business’s relevant data, allowing us to get an in-depth understanding of how your company operates. We can identify relevant trends and both strengths and inefficiencies.

Our business advisors are pros not only at analyzing data but using it to create detailed and accurate financial projections and forecasts. This gives insight into the immediate future of your business and helps us to formulate a plan and benchmarks to keep you on track.

Finally, our Advisors will help you create data-driven and actionable plans to implement in your business. Based on analysis and forecast, we help you set your goals and achieve them.