Single Audits Under Uniform Guidance

Nonprofits, educational institutions, state and local governments, and other entities that receive federal grants must follow Uniform Guidance – a set of rules and regulations developed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that apply to federal grants. HW&Co. auditors stay up-to-date on single audit requirements in accordance with governmental auditing standards; our clients can be confident that their financial statements and federal awards will be accurately reflected in our audit services. We will also identify and advise on both allowable and unallowable costs. You need auditors who specialize in single audits under Uniform Guidance to ensure compliance and avoid penalties and litigation.

HW&Co. offers a variety of single audit services, including:

  • Financial Audits Under Government Auditing Standards
  • Compliance Audits Under Uniform Guidance
  • Compliance Attestation Engagements
  • Government Auditing Standards Engagements
  • Program-Specific Audits
  • Data Collection Forms
  • Expenditure Schedules