At HW&Co., we do not use a canned, reproduced audit program; rather, we design an audit program for each client, targeting audit risk areas unique to the organization. This approach results in tailored solutions that capture areas at higher risk for misstatement and fraud.

HW&Co. auditors cultivate a comprehensive approach to serving our clients by leveraging our accountants’ extensive tax, advisory, and transaction expertise when providing audits and financial statement services. Additionally, our professionals keep apprised of leading edge industry developments, regulations, and opportunities, and they maintain a high level of technical competence through ongoing internal and external training and education programs. Our proactive and innovative approach brings a unique mix of business, entrepreneurial, and technical skills to the organizations and individuals we serve.


Industries We Serve

Our auditors provide services to a number of key industries, including the following:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Privately Held Businesses
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Manufacturing & Distribution


Our Audit Approach

HW&Co. has invested significant resources in becoming experts in the above industries. We utilize this expertise to design audit procedures specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our audit approach is automated to allow for integration of our audit software with our clients’ systems from the initial trial balance received to preparation of financial statements. We utilize CaseWare, an integrated database trial balance and engagement software program used by many national firms. We are able to electronically transfer information from a client’s accounting software into our system, or download client data into a file, such as Excel, and import the data into CaseWare. We also utilize electronic data-extraction software (IDEA) to assist us in performing detailed testing and internal control assessment procedures.

In addition to using computerized workpapers, our goal is to perform the engagement (to the extent possible) in a paperless environment. We design, as practical, standardized computer templates for performing audit testing, analytical procedures, and ratio analyses. We electronically link workpapers to our trial balance system, which provides for automatic updates to schedules and reduces manual computations and changes. Our staff includes IT specialists who assist our clients’ IT professionals and help ensure a successful coordination of data transfer. Audit clients are appointed to customized service teams selected to specifically meet their unique needs.